Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this event appropriate for children?

While children are welcome to attend the event, it's important to note that the program involves a lecture and discussion that may not be suitable for them. Additionally, the fixed menu may not be suitable for children's preferences or dietary restrictions.

Does the event include a full dinner?

Yes, it includes a full dinner. The dinner is served in a mezze style, where multiple items are brought out over the course of the evening, in conjunction with TV clips and discussion. While it is not a traditional meal, attendees find that the food served is enough to fill them up by the end of the event.

Is the food Kosher?

The dinner is vegetarian and follows customary practices of 'kosher-style,' but it is not certified as strictly kosher.

Would the event be suitable for someone who is unfamiliar with Jewish and Israeli TV and culture?

The event is definitely appropriate for those who are not familiar with Jewish and Israeli TV and culture. In fact, we welcome anyone who is interested in learning and experiencing something new. We hope this will be an exciting introduction to the media and cuisine!

Is the event program different from the program in 2023?

The program is constantly being revisited and renewed. From 2023, it maintains the same structure, featuring a mix of new TV programs and some of the old favorites. The menu is mostly the same but varies at every event.

Is the event politically affiliated in any way?

Not at all. This is a cultural event focusing on food and TV.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us